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Teach Me

Teach Me

Would you care to teach me?

Hey beautiful,

Hey cutie,...the gorgeous idol of mine,

I wanna humble myself before thee and acknowledge this:

That I want learn from you

Would you care to teach me, About the bright side of life,

Wouldn't you oblige to show me how to smile- how to genuinely say that. .

Won't you please teach me to love genuinely, Can't you allow me to learn how to kiss again?

I know that ignorance is sin.... Thus you've to haul me out of this......

Show me that warm tender hugs still exist..... Exhibit to me that real soft caresses still matter ....

Be to me a companion I've longed for......

But babe, When I say teach me...

I don't mean to demean myself... Just a blatant admission

That am in love with you


WAMBANI VICTOR (author) from NAIROBI, KENYA on April 21, 2018:

A poem on what it takes for two people in love to learn from each other

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