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Teach Kindness


When you send your kids to school,

You expect them to bring funny stories home

But my son greeted me with silence

Preferring to be in his room alone

Of course I thought it was strange

But no alarms went off in my head

After all, we all have those kind of days

Where we want to just stay in bed

I figured he was struggling to make new friends

After all, this was our third move this year

So I gave him some space and let him be

Praying the clouds in his sky would clear

Day after day, it all stayed the same

I could never find a smile on his face

Happiness seemed to have abandoned us

Without even leaving a trace

How much I miss your smiling face

Which I haven’t seen in so long

Your parents are here to help you through

Together we’ll right any wrong

Deciding it was time, I entered his room

To see him in tears staring at the ceiling

The tightness in my heart, an unforgettable feeling

Wrapped in my arms he started revealing

The horrible days he suffered at school

The abuse he received at the hands of his peers

Constantly being called slow, stupid, and dumb

Horrible words no child should hear

Their venomous words leaked into his mind

I pleaded with him not to believe

Those kids don’t know how talented you are

They don’t see what I see

An artist who can draw like Picasso

Adding art to our once-blank walls

An athlete who, when given a glove,

Never fails to catch the ball

A comedian who makes me laugh so much

My eyes become filled with tears

A magician who, with a wave of his wand,

Can make coins immediately disappear

It’s a shame how cruel some kids can be

Please don’t take their word to heart

If they could see what I see

They'd have been kind from the start

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