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Poem: Tasting Victory

My name is Candice Ballinger and I am a published author and poet. I love writing poetry of all kinds.


Leaping into my scars

capturing my many flaws,

weighing me down in guilt

showering me in agony,

my world begins to tilt

rescue me from my sins

showing up at the last moment

my darker ways

assuredly commins,

breaking the rules

shouting out loud;

the bitter unrest ensues

I am not unjust,

instead, I bleed with envy

left to feel such unruly lust,

tell me I am unworthy

show me where to turn,

I conquer my fears

digging up each one with glee,

I will become a saint

living in the best of ways,

they will call upon my name;

saying look at such fame

she is of love and light,

nothing can uproot her faith

watch as she moves and breaths

her heart is full and felt among few

but her love is seen,

and oh so new.

© 2021 Candice Ballinger

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