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Taste Disguised

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Bass inside..

quick to the car, lets ride..

city lies, full of lives.. thousands of thoughts, reside,

by the riverside, see gulls, fly..

right on by.. feathers weathered, dark eye's,

an ariel dance of chance, perhaps, lures fishing.. torpedoes down, know sound, lets dive,

depths expect to wreck, ships anchored, by snagged line,

rocks my mind.. every sence felt, even smelt.. remind??

squid hide.. tentacles surprised, finding the catch, fresh & alive..

seafood.. know... do you C food??? the sights multiply,

the amount of area covered.. bye, time..

underway into the waves, of gray, aurora boriallis shine,

purple blues & greens, all aboard.. arrived..

port side.. there she blows, land ho', to the starboard side..

both sides.. guide.. my life,

other, try's..

another, brother, 5's,

hand to help, fog horn yells, propeller grinds..

to a halt.. current crawls.. watching the walls.. I's have sight..

watching you view into the deep viewed lagoon.. Boo.. alright..

too truths about to move.. tide relys.. moon is you.. yes, that's right..

shining to a few, orbiting the earth first, high,

into the atmosphere clear of the viewed sphere, unclear goose arrives at the roost, blue egg news, leaving the shining, dark, knight..

armored.. bright

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