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Target I Am Shooting For

Peace Of Mind

Not something you find on the street corner

Even though many drugs can be bought

That offer the same result

At such a high cost

With all the dangerous risks

People of all ages keep on looking

Is it a way out ?

A fantasy world that doesn't exist

An escape from reality

Is the world that bad that we would risk everything you own

All your family and friends

For a promise of something better

No guarantee

Years behind bars

All the horrors of the worst nightmares

You can possibly imagine

Even death

Even after I think it can't be true

I read story after story

Millions of lives ruined

Isn't it time we fix the problem

For years we just keep putting a band aid on it

It looks and feels better

Because it is covered up

If we really want to change the outcome

We have to go to the root of the problem

Not just the cause

It is not only the drugs and the drug pushers

It is deeper than that

People turn to drugs not because they are happy

Something in their life isn't right

If we can make them think differently

They won't buy any drug anywhere

Just one of those thoughts that keep reoccurring in my head

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think ?

I have never done drugs

In my day it was called dope

Wouldn't that alone tell you something

I have never even smoked a cigarette

I know drugs are a big problem everywhere

Drugs are expensive and when your hooked

You will do anything for a fix

I feel for all those who are suffering

The families that have to deal with all the drama,pain and tragedy

What will it take to turn our life around ?

When we are heading for disaster

I was hoping a few words of common sense

In a delicate way

Not to offend anyone

Maybe just change someone's thinking

For that one weak moment

Then they can go on with their day

Enjoying life in little bits and pieces

Go ahead

Have one big handful

Get two or three

I know you want to

Eat the whole bag of Reese's Pieces

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