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Tangerinehippie And The Introduction

This is the introduction to the Narrative Poetry book that I am writing telling the story of me and my soul.


I have an old soul but it's not Jurassic

My hippie vibe is a spirit that's classic

It has traveled to many times and places

I have been so many things with so many faces

Taken so many adventures with friends

I keep jumping through bodies hoping nothing ends

If you will read my story

Of pain and glory

Please stick around

With tales abound

I Promise to spare too many details

As I have a fast train that constantly derails

I just don't want to disappear

So I constantly reappear

In all the stories you know and love

I fly through time on the wings of a dove

So sit down and enjoy the tales I’m about to unweave

I hope you enjoy my story and don't just leave

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