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Talking in Circles

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

The basic premise of a group of people who avoid the complete truth

Honestly, they have a near fatal allergy to it for that matter

Breaking out in an obscenely disgusting amount of hives

Cannot commit to being transparent if their lives depended on it

Always made decisions in relationships to simply appease

Their current partner; or the flavor of the month

So they don't notice the black Louis Vuitton luggage by the door

Wearing a tracksuit to bed so they can sneak out before you wake up

A hustler disguised as just another polite sheep with their head down

Type of motormouthed characters that populated Guy Ritchie films

Rapid fire dialogues that tended to beat around the bush

Rather than cutting through the noise to get to the point

Productions based on flash and glam instead of substance

Covering up the plot in a certain amount of cinematic gravy

Burying the plot holes just enough to the untrained viewer

No way any legitimate form of actual reality meant to fit 120 minutes

Real life a lot longer and full of plenty of unedited material

Endless hours of waiting around for something to happen

Patience becoming almost wafer thin in its durability

Desperate to get some type of action to happen instead

Breaking the long stagnant stench of dishonesty in the air

Eager to escape the boredom of listening to a liar spin a pointless yarn

A tale taller than Paul Bunyan and the Jolly Green Giant at once

Nearly identical to the storyteller looking for a fast disappearing act

A suspect trying to weasel their way out of a police interrogation room

Avoiding murder or accessory to murder charges as quickly as possible

While planning a quick exit out of the country without getting caught

Unlikely since all routes covered and recovered by smart detectives

Able to cut through the cluster of the conversation to get to the heart of it

Understood that some people are meant to be divided on two sides

The honest and law biding; and the liars haggling for freedom

When the latter always meant to be behind those iron bars

Time for conversation has ended for good

Case closed.

A sight that the dishonest fear.

A sight that the dishonest fear.