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Talking To Someone Like Talking to God.

Talking to Someone Like You Pray To God.

People usually ask why God answers them so slow.

Why their prayers aren’t answered instantly?

That’s not really the case usually.

Here, I’ll tell you why.

You know, God listens to us clearly.

You don’t have to shout nor be angry.

You can’t hear him answer if you keep talking.

You can’t understand him if you keep complaining.

Look around, the answer is already there.

Even before you ask, he has already sent the answer.

What’s taking so long, is the time it took you to realize.

It’s not how long did it take before you received his reply.

It’s when you decided to check if he did reply or not.

Maybe because you weren’t ready yet, but the answer was already given.

Just like talking to a child or to an elderly.

If you got no time to listen to what they have to say,

Don’t demand something they can’t give right away.

If you are seriously asking for something,

Do it when you are ready to listen, not when you are busy and in a hurry.

Life isn’t always have to be on a rush.

Remember when things are done half baked and rushed,

They don’t usually go well.

The results would usually go wrong or the least effort you could have done.

Talk when you are ready and when you have time.

Not when you’ve got a lot of things to do in your hands.

It’s not like the person asked you to go and have a sit down talk.

If you’ve got no time to listen, whole heartedly,

Book another time. Make it an appointment.

If you aren’t ready yet to compromise, and are having second thoughts,

Give the other person a favor, don’t make them feel bad and pressured.

Talk when you already can.

Like how you pray to the Lord.

You spare 15-30 minutes of your time, alone time with Him each day.

Asking for guidance, asking for forgiveness, asking for favors.

When you ask sincerely and whole heartedly without greedily asking to make it quick,

Just a pure heart to heart talk with our Creator and Savior,

I’m sure you’ll hear him loud and clear.

Give him a chance to speak before you go mad and ask why he’s not answering.

That’s called ‘RESPECT’ in human terms.

If you are always in a hurry as if you’ve only got a day left in your life,

You won’t be able to understand even a single word he utters.

Because, all you do is talk, complain, be frustrated.

You no longer have patience to wait and to listen.

When you didn’t hear a response, you’ll say that is being disrespectful.

But there are things when SILENCE could also mean a response.

If you want that person to talk to you, talk to them like you would to the Lord.

Don’t demand someone to talk to you, just for the sake of settling things like that.

If you’ve got no time to understand and to listen, don’t bother forcing it to happen.

God forgives children if they really are sorry.

If their hearts aren’t ready yet to accept him, he gives them time to repent.

A father is always open arms in accepting children who’ve gone astray back to his kingdom.

It’s easy to forgive especially when you know that it is sincere and not forced nor faked.

Let us be more gentle to one another in 2022.

Yes life is so short. But let’s keep in mind that everyone have their own battles to deal with.

What’s nothing for you, maybe everything for them.

Be sensitive.

If you’ve got inner problems, solve it first. Don’t pass the burden to others as you please.

Learn to talk to someone like you pray to God.

With respect, patience, and understanding.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador