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Talk To My Life

Don’t leave emptiness as a memory
Like the dead air on the leeward side
The wind is hot, the mountain dry
Did I ever know what it was to be free
I made peace with what I did with time

I only wish growing up was with you
I see how we are, we finally found out
It could have been like this long ago
Maybe not, but you were so young
And your mind was in another time

I want to talk to my life
The choices I made
The dreams I might
Was it such a mess
How could it have been
When you believe in me

Where I was born is all good with me
A child with friends, what else could be?
I didn’t care about money, I liked bare feet
My maker was quiet, I had no questions
I believed right now was going to my time

And it is my moment like I always knew
I couldn’t find a day where I was lost
Only oppressed, still I knew what I was
The word in my heart survived it all
To say I love you now is the right time

I want to talk to your life
The choices you made
The dreams in your sight
You don’t have to confess
I know you once loved him
But the lucky one now is me

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