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Tales of a Fluttery Heart

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


Pretty blossoms are all I see,
Merry melodies don't cease to play.
I know not how, or what this is,
Much like a desert graced by an oasis.

A soft glance is all that takes
To ease my wandering thoughts.
A soft glance is that takes
To pace my untamed heart.
It makes me quiver with reckless abandon,
Yet, I long for it like nothing ever.

In my own world of dreams and fantasies,
Do I oft sway away.
A world so unreal,
A world so enticing.
How I wish I could dwell here forever,
Just me, and my happiness.

Those tender memories, and blissful times
Embrace me like a snuggly quilt.
My spirits stand tall,
Despite the occasional fall.
The gleaming moon, shining high
Is no match to the twinkle in my eye.

This might remain an eternal reverie,
Life is bleak, and I know it so.
But the passion and warmth within, if anything,
Keep me thriving for more.
A feeling so beautiful as this,
Is capable of bridging any abyss.

© 2020 Priya Dinesh

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