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Tales of a Human Transmission Communication Breakdown

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Cannot turn on the news without laughing or cringing

It has become a total and complete farce

That not even Saturday Night Live could write about

Too eerie that the joke seem to write themselves

Without much of an effort or time frame

Impeachment this and election hyping that

Hard to say who will come out on top

When everyone was arguing so hard for the other side

Wondered when some good old fashioned objectivity will arrive

Could make things function a lot faster than everyone jockeying for power

Nothing getting done and things starting to fall apart

Natural order and all that jazz becoming not so natural

State of affairs caught in a tailspin

Corvette wheels hydroplaning excessively

Unable to handle going 90 miles an hour in a storm

Mother Nature's way of preventing or creating accidents

Keeping everyone in check and insurance companies rich

Pockets flush with $100 bills and checks coming out of the woodwork

Customers stressed about bills turning into Mount Everest sized problems

Patient breaks wear down to the smallest nub

From years of making too many sudden stops before saying something

That couldn't be taken back or cause too much daytime drama

Struggling to come to a complete stop before crashing into a red brick wall

A live human crash test dummy of fatal proportions

Anger boiling over in the internal pit of a nausea stomach

Cannot control keeping numerous frustrations in check for too much longer

Tired of being treated like human cattle by other bovines

Of similar or much lower caliber

Considered a sub-human for not living the white picket fence stereotype

A cliché that would make even The Terminator quake in his boots

Sick of being told what would and what should be expected

Ready to throw out the rulebook for good

And create some new rules to live by

Shame that writer's block has taken over

For now at least.

A fine tuned machine getting ready to travel once again.

A fine tuned machine getting ready to travel once again.

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