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Tale of the Serpent Masquerading as the Prince

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Had a strange dream last night that was simply odd

Left a few aftereffects this morning that seemed unshakeable

Initially under the misguided notion it had some hidden meaning

About someone specific and realized that it wasn't the case

Just a psychological avatar of unknown male villainy

Gotten over a lot of harsh terrain literally and figuratively

Realized that the past year plus did have some pros

Still have some mileage to go before reaching proper finish line

Made of stronger stock than once believed

Heart can heal with some extra TLC and dark chocolate

Not too much of the latter though; just the occasional dose

Still cynical somewhat as to what the future holds

Hesitant to trust the opposite based on experience

And also a recent binge of true crime shows on Oxygen

Made it difficult to not look at a man like a potential suspect

Even when they could be some the salt of the earth individual

Last night's sleepy time tale focused on the lead

Running through some twisted Grimm's Fairy Tale woods

Stopping at a rustic cabin and found salvation from a nice lumberjack

Made pancakes for breakfast and appeared as a kind soul

Turned out he was just as evil and pretended to be opposite

Transformed into the true dastardly villain underneath the cloak

Held a bunch of daggers and wore a demented smile

Enjoyed the sight of their prey looking completely terrified

Ran back into the unknown terrors of the woods

Surrounded on all sides by monsters looking to devour

Unsure of what direction to go, since none looked promising

Before grim conclusion came about woke up with a start

Saved by the not-so subtle buzzing of the alarm clock

Had no idea what the dream meant

Probably watching too much crime, or something deeper

Not trusting of the opposite sex; very likely

Decided to just ride the wave and hopefully find somewhere to land

Safely of course

Fed up with landing on rough and not even close to ready terrain

Needed a break for a change.

Is this dream one of these tales? Maybe, maybe not.

Is this dream one of these tales? Maybe, maybe not.