Tale of the Little Bohemian Princess

Updated on May 28, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Believed in following a different set of rules and regulations

Literally burned the traditional rulebook in the fireplace

Watched it turn into a familiar and generic set of ashes

Decided that their life needed to be one of create creativity

Not governed by the guiding hands of a mentor or lover

Wanting to control or stifle their very free spirit into conformity

Was a shame because they once loved their last partner

Didn't work out due to very differing and combative personalities

Believed in being the epitome of an unconventional artist

Beyond anything else that once mattered to them in the past

Resorted to wearing a lot of lacy and flowing skirts

Even started wearing fingerless gloves to mimic a tough girl vibe

Threw in the occasional dose of leather into their stage gear

Kept things interesting and made men wonder what she was about

Gave her an aura of mystery that simply wouldn't be obtainable

Best to worship from afar because she was just a romantic mirage

Not too many people allowed to get close enough to get to the truth

Developed a particular presence whenever she performed onstage

Loved to sing songs about mystical beings and other points of light

Someone who loved to live life on their own unique terms

Had no little or no desire to be tied down by anything or anyone

Entered a reckless and brief marriage in an effort to combat grief

Realized that it was a mistake and returned to being a free bird

Blowing in the wind from one tour stop to another

Until the cities and towns started to blur together

Wondered when their musical journey became an industry

Shocked that their private world became full of vices

Given to be by powerful individuals simply due to their fame

Delved into a darker world where addiction became the norm

Felt lost along the way down into a dark rabbit hole

Pondered how they got there and what was needed to escape

Made multiple attempts to climb out; only to fall back down

Knees and hands scraped up with blood and dirt

Frustrated that they became just another cliched musician

Fallen by illicit substances and their own demons

Needed to address what the problem truly was

Find out how to recover and continue making music

Made one recovery and traded one vice for another

Took longer, but eventually made a full recovery

Some years have been lost; developed a lasting legacy all the same

Journey was a long and bumpy one

Don't fully regret what it took to get there.

A non-traditional lady forced to live in conventional times.
A non-traditional lady forced to live in conventional times.


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