Shelter From The Storm

Updated on October 30, 2017
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Sometimes the trials and tribulations that pollute our own minds are far more fierce than those which we are exposed to on the outside.

Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm

Our own minds can give us freedom, or enslave us in a world of darkness and terror. At times, we play back painful messages in our minds over and over that we were forced to be subjected to as children. These negative dialogues become our reality as they take a life of their own, affecting how we behave, make decisions, and live out our lives. It would be helpful for us to remember to build ourselves up, and not continue to re-injure ourselves by playing back any negative recordings of our past.

Shelter From The Storm

Inside my bedroom

is where I take shelter

from this world's

terrorizing whirlpool of


If these walls were soundproof,

I would never hear roar

the dangerous monster

that lurks outside

my door!


Both night and day,

this is where I abide;

for so many years, now,

I have managed

to hide!

Reach for the doorknob?

I will not dare!

Is it raining or sunny


I do not care!


Books, a typewriter,

my radio, and dolls;

my needed security

is found within

these four walls.

My vivid imagination

will give furious chase

to any boredom

that chances

to enter my place.

My Mind

Happy and contented,

I will live in here, forever,

as long as the blankets,

covering my windows,

will still be holding together.

But, where on earth

will I ever find adequate shelter

from the ravaging of my own mind's,




Shelter From The Storm

Taking Shelter From Helter-Skelter

Do you think that internal trauma can be just as bad as external pain?

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Shelter From The Storm


Shelter From The Storm

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Find Someone to Talk to
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Lowered Immunity to Diseases due to High Stress Levels
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Talk to God
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Shelter From The Storm

© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore


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    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 2 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      I am obliged, Robert.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 months ago

      I like the graphics. Great poem. I think it's great how you put to poetry issues such as this.

    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 5 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Thank you, Larry, for your very kind comment. Yes, I love that song by, Paul Simon.

    • profile image

      larry nall 5 months ago

      More succinctly says what Paul Simon wrote in "I am a Rock". Love the way your words register in my mind. Powerful, endearing.

    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 7 months ago from Uninhabited Regions


      Your comment is “Wow”, too :-) I love it! Thank you!



    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 7 months ago


      Just, Wow!

      This is raw and beautiful

    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 7 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Thank you, Hari. I am glad to be back :-)

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 7 months ago from Bangalore

      Too good. What an expression on inner conflicts. Wonderful tamara.

      - hari