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Taking One Bite Out Of My Day

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It Is The Special Moments That Count

Putting all the pieces together to make it work

The alarm clock goes off

I quickly shut it off

Rolling back into bed

My wife saving the day

Talking to me

I suddenly realized I have to get up

I have to go to work

Eating blueberries with cereal seems like a simple thing to do

By the third bite the blueberries taste old

Like they were starting to turn bad

There is a taste about them

Almost like strawberries if they start to go moldy

They looked o.k.

Instead of throwing them out

I moved them around with a little more milk

To mask the taste

They won't kill me

I really love blueberries

Off to work soon

Not much new to say

I worked a long shift yesterday

I have put so many days under my belt

I am starting to look like Santa Claus

All of a sudden

I am running late

My wife reminds me no speeding

Half done but the best I can at this moment

Someday I will look back and laugh

Looking at these times as special and bright