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Taking on This Moment


With Optimism And Excitement

I do not know what I will say next

I have to think about it

Enjoying a book I just read

Taking in the knowledge I have learned

Thinking of reasons I liked the book

Forming opinions and creative thoughts

Right or wrong

I moved on

This book could of been read in one day or one week

It took me three weeks

I almost forgot about it completely

Because I start reading multiple books at one time

The book is called Life Through a Device

It was written by William Civitillo

My wife and I went out two weeks ago

While we were outside enjoying food from local food trucks

We met a couple and before long we were sharing old time values

Many different ideas surfaced

How technology has changed the world we live

The way we think, feel and see everyone

This book explains in a few different ways

Things we think about but don't say

The future is here

Ways to enjoy life right now

The author does a good job of connecting with the reader

If the reader spends the time to read what he wrote

Always asking more questions ?

Will the 148 pages change your life ?

It depends on you

Will I go back to all the same habits as before

Maybe just maybe I might take a new approach

Open my eyes instead of squinting at a little, light, white screen

Listen instead of judge

Exercise more instead of sitting on my butt

In the end

Share what I have learned and pass it on

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