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Taking Charge of the Next Step

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Time to take this journey.

Time to take this journey.

Finally found a sense of relief after a few stormy moments

Caught in a squall of my own making and temperament

Understandably frustrated and befuddled after last couple of days

Felt out of sorts and out of place with the current climate and surroundings

Lost in an undercurrent of routine and some form of structure

If you can really can it that, it's just the same thing in different formats

Tested with the theory of being brought back into the war zone

Once the dust has settled to not let the bad guys win

Place any power over me and what I choose to do with my life

Get the idea of not letting fear take over you because you'll never get over it

Just not remotely ready to think about being back in the hornet's nest

Still rebounding from being stung in my encounter

Need time to rest, relax and find some solace in other avenues

Believed that this was the right direction to take

Cannot let a rulebook or strong feminine encouragement push too hard

Could make matters worse than they already are

Decided to the play the part of the tortoise instead of the hare

Slow and steady will win this race by a landslide

Choosing to take control of this newfound journey from now on

Not entirely sure I'll stick to the plan, but that's the intention

Like New Year's Resolutions, best laid plans tend to fall

By the wayside with the rest of the dirty laundry missing the hamper

Mere inches from hitting the rim and going inside

Falls to the left of it and plopped right on the ground for now

Need to have the nerve to bend down and pick it up

Leaving it there was an act of defiance to being overly organized

Ready to listen to some David Bowie and Eric Clapton tunes

Helped to pick the right tunes to gear up on a new horizon

Could be imaginary or the real deal; no one needed to know

Your journey, your rules either way

Taking a few spins behind the wheel to get a feel for being there

Starting to feel a little more comfortable in the driver's seat

Been jostled around too many times by worldly potholes

Ready to place a dent in any type of concentration

Getting used to being in charge of the open road

In nick of time, before it was time to get started

Putting the peddle to the metal at a reasonable pace

No need for a fender bender before things began

That wouldn't be fun at all

Eyes on the open road and on all surroundings just in case.

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