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Taking Baby Steps Towards the Future

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Riding a wild and turbulent roller coaster of an existence

Just when one area figured out; the bottom dropped

Revealed a major twist in the narrative

Caused the riders to scream their hearts out

Utter a few expletives on random impulse

Felt the need to escape the impenetrable

One false move and the story ended for good

Best to keep on riding to see where it would lead

Hopefully, to something better and a little calmer

Resigned to major current events and status quo

Until the apple cart was shaken by an unexpected knock

On the door that was one time padlocked shut

To protect the innocent and block out the memories

Believed it was initially unfair and unnerving by this

Realized it was better to march on ahead

Getting through to the other side

Starting a new and improved adventure

Just needed for it to be built in the meantime

More resolution from one finished and conflicted chapter

Was unexpectedly on an emotional high one day

Transcended past a few staggeringly low brow moments

Not rising above the fracas of yesteryear and yesterday

Ready to put up dukes and get into a major rumble

Guilty about not fully dealt with past anger issues

Amped up by Chips Ahoy and AC/DC tunes

Gotten pretty keyed up without the help of caffeine

Disturbed by the possibilities if it was added into the mix

Pictured a cartoon version of a person turning into dynamite

Transforming a peace loving hippy into a trash talking fighter

Don't have a clue what the future holds right now

Everything still in flux as another appointment rolled around

Scared that certain long buried fantasies will blow up in smoke

Wondering if those aren't fulfilled if that lessened who you were

As a part of the feminine mystique of sorts

Trying to take it one step at a time

Rome wasn't built in a day as they say

Some get their future mapped out perfectly

While others have to take a few forks in the road

This is simply one of them

Enjoying the journey at the moment

Seeing where it leads and not worrying about the time.

A new ride to experience some thrills, chills and a few spills.

A new ride to experience some thrills, chills and a few spills.

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