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Taking a Plunge Into Emily’s Mind


The author feels that Emily Dickinson might have had a secret to share in her poem “I Robbed the Woods”, and so she shares her intriguing thoughts with the readers through her poetry and also attempts to use this week’s word prompt “Sonder”.


Taking a Plunge Into Emily’s Mind

I was reading a wonderful poem today
It was a famous one indeed.
"I Robbed The Woods" by Emily Dickinson,
And was quite fascinated by my read.

It started with an intriguing line,
One that did not make much sense,
So I took a plunge into her mind
Since her verses seemed pretty dense.

Was Emily telling her secret here?
Or did she pick nature as her muse instead?
What if there was more to her words?
What if they meant deeper than what our minds were fed?

Could the “woods” be people who trusted her?
Could the "trinkets" be a flaunted relationship?
That tempted Emily to "rob" it for herself,
And compelled her to lose her grip?

Is the poisonous "hemlock" this judgmental world?
It is unlikely she was repenting to have stolen some weed!
Why would robbing the woods bother her at all?
Or was she scared to confront her deed?

Was she truly worried about what an "oak tree" would say?
Or was this "tree" a wise old man, she meant?
Whose opinion meant a lot to her,
To whom she did not wish to be a disappointment.

For a moment I felt I could see through her
For I am sure she had secrets too.
Or is it my wild imagination?
One which I have left to brew!

Or am I just stuck in sonder?

Farah N Huq


This week's word prompt "Sonder" and words from the author

Attempting another word prompt, suggested by two very prominent authors in HubPages, Kyler J Falk and Ms. Brenda Arlegde.

This week the word is “Sonder".

“Sonder" is a beautiful new word in the dictionary and it is the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Today, I also happen to read a wonderful article written by an erudite author, Ms. Linda Sue Grimes on “I Robbed The Woods”, one of the famous poems by Emily Dickinson, and the poem and the article both made me think.

And so I have decided to merge my thoughts on it to attempt the word prompt given this time.

Thanks to Ms. Linda, Ms. Brenda and Kylar for creating the platform for this poem “Taking A Plunge Into Emily’s Mind”.

"I Robbed The Woods" by Emily Dickinson


The article by Ms. Linda Sue Grimes explaining the poem in details

  • Emily Dickinson's "I Robbed the Woods"
    In "I robbed the Woods," Emily Dickinson creates a speaker who confesses to a crime: she has robbed the "trusting" woods and "unsuspecting" trees, and she later wonders what those natural beings will say about her brazen act.

© 2021 Farah N Huq

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