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A Fathers Love

Former agent Bryan Mills. Has developed sharp skills.
He was in the army. On a force enhancing.
Enhancing his special skillsNow he's home, and he's thrilled.
Thrilled to be closer. He now works as an officer.
An officer of security. A similar role he did see.
He was a CIA Officer. Now he protects a singer.
A singer whom he asked. Is she could have.
His daughter sing for her. She rebutted, but once danger.
Approaches her entourage. They want the one in charge.
In otherwords, they wanted her. But Bryan arrived first.
Bryan saved the singer. Out of gratitude, she she offered.
His daughter that chance. He didn't have to ask again.
He tried to tell his daughter. Before it, she said she was offered.
A trip to Paris, France. Her school gave her a chance.
She and her mom decided it. & Bryan really hated it.
Because he's worried for safety. After a talk, he eventually.
He eventually gives in. Before finding, her and a friend.
Were going to a concert. Matters were made a lot worse.
When he found that mom knew. After a talk, he knew.
That her respect will be lost. If he doesn't send her off.
Mills felt disrespected. He almost overreacted.
He'd do anything for his girl. But, he knows this dangerous world.
Reluctantly, he agrees. This trip, she needs.
She lied and said it's for school. When he found more, it added fuel.
His daughter lied to him twice. He wasn't helped by his ex wife.
In fact, she was in on it too. Mills was angry but, he pulled through.
He and his ex wife. Saw their daughter take the flight.
Upon her arrival. There were very powerful.
Men awaiting to kidnap her. With desires to traffic her.
She arrived there with her friend. They met a young, handsome man.
That showed them a little of Paris. They later find that their location.
Is not where they should be. Someone else they were to meet.
Mills finds out that the friends. Were severely misled.
His daughter is a target. He knows she’d be taken.
But a fathers love doesn't forget. He tracks the suspects.
Sadly, it's not justice for all. It's a ring, that rarely falls.
He kills all the men involved. His love answered the call.
He protected his daughter. But in doing it, increased the danger.



He's seems to be unsatisfied.
Because evil in the world thrives.

Evil that no one could end.
One of the evils plot revenge.

Revenge on Bryan Mills.
Like his friends, he wants him killed.

Things start with a funeral.
He laments but, let's the rest know.

The plan of attack.
He knows mills is hard to catch.

But he knows Mills is hard to catch.
Meanwhile, Mills daughter.

Plays cupid with her mother.
She attempts to get back together.

Her mother and her dad.
She knows her mom was glad.

When the two were a union.
Mills was just too busy to keep it.

Now that he's retired.
He has the time that's required.

Her wish looks to come true.
But a nightmare breaks through.

Her mother and father are taken.
The revenge, looks to be evident.

But Bryan Mills comes through.
He's tired but, he can't do.

Let the suspect stay alive.
He killed him, and mother survives.

Her gratitude she displays.
Maybe they'll restore an old flame.


Taken 3

A well known account.
Suffers a home invasion.

With some very powerful men.
He stands in the face of a man.

That is demanding his boss pay.
But it is has been taken away.

The accountant ends up killed.
The other man isn't seemed thrilled.

That the money was moved.
He demands it's gotten soon.

Meanwhile, Bryan's still working.
On him repairing and keeping.

The bond with he and his daughter.
To be a lot stronger.

He smiles a lot more.
A marriage still maybe in store.

The ex tried moving on.
But she always dreamed of what was gone.

Her new man is doing much more.
What he's doing has opened the door.

The door to hurt Bryan's family.
He's the boss, but hides his ID.

He's aware that the love's still there.
He uses it, to pay his share.

The share of the money.
For he knows Malancov's coming.

He needs it done fast.
So he frames the Dad.

For the killing of his wife.
But he doesn't go down with no fight.

In fact, he escapes.
Proving innocence was his fate.

He put the pieces together.
Shockingly, he discovered.

That the crime was done.
By a man considered the one.

The one that fought for their marriage.
When really, it was for insurance.

He did it for the money.
He was the boss engineering.

Engineering it, to be free.
He wanted mills to be.

The murderer to ensure.
Mills kills but, goes for more.

More to prove his innocence.
The boss looks to get.

Get away with it all.
In the end, he's the one that falls.

Mills proves his innocence.
& he shows it in the evidence.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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