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Take a Chance-Live Life

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Take a chance live life

Take a chance live life

In life, you can always be cautious and take the safe route but remember, life is all about exploring and taking chances to find out what life has in store for you.

Life is all about living, taking chances, and being brave and strong to face what may come your way and reach your destiny.

You can stick your feet in the rolling waves and feel the froth slide off, but there is no fun in that. So instead, imagine the waves drenching and rolling off your back and tickling your every nerve and sinuses. What an experience that will be!

These are poems based on the word prompt “taking chances” provided by a dear friend and excellent writer, Brenda Arledge.

Take a Chance-Live Life

Take a chance never miss out

You don’t know what can show up

When you do, you know it’s true

It is time for you to wake up

Do not miss out on all the fun

Being safe within a shell

A shell can suffocate and restrain

Take chances; don’t hide in a well

Fly out of the valley amid tall trees

Reach up and touch the sky

Don’t tell me you don’t feel the thrill

You know it; you can't deny

You can find true love.

Love that lasts forever

By your side, holding your hand

In pleasant or rough weather

Roll the dice take a chance

Know that there is always a ladder to climb

Jump up a rung, go on, have fun

Don’t wait until you run out of time

Life may surprise you.

In any which way

Take a chance, be brave

Learn how to play

Life is all about taking chances

Life is all about taking chances

Take a Chance-You Will Never Know Until You Try

Take a chance, keep walking

There is something awaiting you

You will never know if you stop

Take a chance be brave, continue to walk

You will never know until you take a chance

You may miss your chance at sweet romance

Or a chance to win a game that you play so well

Or solve a mystery, you know you can never tell

Take a leap of faith from high above

You may be right or maybe wrong

Be sure you will come out fighting strong

Just know to recognize what is right from wrong

All you need is a brave soul the courage to fight

It is all that it takes for you to last day and night

Take a chance, be brave, choose a path

Never let fear restrain and blow your flame out

Take chances live life

Learn how to play

Once you know the game

You will find your way

Take a Chance-Acrostic Poem

Courage to stay the course

Hard work is the key to success

Awarding moments will follow

New paths will open up, lighting your way

Cherish each moment, live your life

Everlasting happiness will be yours

© 2022 Nithya Venkat