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Tom Hanks heart

My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


take my heart Tom
If your heart gets tired one day,
My heart is not strong
But he is resistant
Fight cigarettes and sadness
And it is still standing
If I die and my heart lives
Take it and live
If your heart let you down
By the way
Would you give me your heart?
I think you are a good person
That your heart is beautiful
And. No one can know hearts
If you die before me
And your heart lived
Will you give it to me?
I want to make sure of an idea
I want to stimulate the principle
I want to know if I am a writer
Or just a passerby?
In memory of a human being
am I honest
are you honest
Or do movies deceive us?
And the actor is just a dealer
collect money
In stupid freedom societies
They give us the right to vote
And they choose the movies
They choose the girl in the movie
On a drunken night
They give us the right to hunt and dress
And they deprive us of the right to speed, seat belts
Freedom makes weird movies
Don't stop it and don't put limits on it
And you want to set limits to weirdness
If I give you my heart
Would you give me your heart Tom

... ...

You passed from here
Do you tell us to whom you give your heart... after mother


© 2022 tabouche amin

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