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Take Me With You

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Magic love

Take me with you!
I want to sigh tropical humidity,
I want to fly high, translucent and without notoriety.

lying down in the air perceiving
the pleasant coldness of the forests.
I Feel the immense rain calming my emotions,
when playing with its rivulets full of smooth stones.

I settle in a cloud, and sleep peacefully,
without setbacks,
No problems, with the blank mind.

A bubble comes to my side. It has a dome shape,
I enter and I am locked in with all the view of the universe around me,protected and grandiose, timid and airy.


The sublime love

The sublime love, it frame events,
through time,
in the seasons of rain, snow or sun.
In the mist, in the shadows.
The mutual luminescence illuminates them,
it protects them from the darkness,
of atmospheric phenomena
of the storm of life.

The sublime love exists
in the hearts of
who really love
with the unparalleled tenderness,
of true love.

© 2018 Venus Mary