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Unspoken feelings

An on going love story. poems that talks on how their paths came to cross each other.


For years, a lot of stuff has been on her mind.
For years, a lot of setbacks has been testing her patience.
Making her self esteem diminish.
Making herself think that the world might be a better place without her in it.

No one but herself knew how she truly feels.
At home, she feels trapped.
Unable to speak because they say it is rude to talk back.
And no one but herself knew how much she wants them to hear her side.

For years, she trained herself to not get affected by the people at her home,
but failed to.
For years, her pen and paper are her only friend whom she could rely to.

Along with her unspoken feelings.

Until she met him.
He made her feel so appreciated.
He made her feel like she's worth loving.
Taught her things and how to deal with the setbacks.
Assures her that everything will be okay.

He knows how to handle her when she overthinks about herself.
He knows how to handle her when insecurities attack her.
He knows how to deal with her so much that she thinks,
He might grow tired of handling her.

But even time to time she overthinks,
And does not tell him.
He assures her.
And that was what made her more drawn to him than ever.

Oh how much does she wants to tell him "I love you"
But restrains herself from the fear of being told that she's being to quick,
Though she's gathering her courage bit by bit.
She feels as if it is not enough to tell him how she truly feels.

Though, she is grateful that she is loved by him and that she too loves him.
This is what she was looking for,
Someone who notices when she's silent.
Who notices her Unspoken feelings.

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