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Take Time for Life

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Take Time

We have so little time on this Earth…

Enjoy the people who love you as you love them.

Enjoy the beauty that is all around, take a moment and see the wondrous things that Our Creator has done throughout the earth.

Take Time to smile, to laugh and to remember the things that make you happy.

We take so much for granted and always run out of time to tell people how important they are in our lives…

Take Time and hug your children, love your children and all the children you come it contact with.

By you showing them how it is done, they in turn will show others.

We spend too much energy on things that are not necessary in our lives.

Take Time to be neighborly and friendly to those who you don’t know on a Personal Level.

Spread joy where despair has taken up residence.

We tend to follow the pattern of unhappiness based on what happened to us previously in our lives.

Take Time and walk a path that many want to follow…

A simple smile, a gesture of humanity towards others carry the seeds of hope.

Let us bring forth a new attitude and watch the positive changes that follow...

Take Time and show the children because they learn from watching you.

Teach them the Language of the Heart and you won’t have to worry about them so much, when they become adults...

Take time…Take time…

Malik Canty

Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty