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Take Me Home Spanish Lady

Spanish lady take me to your home
South Texas ranch lands,
where we might turn back time
I want to be there the day you arrived
The little girl who decided I was her friend

A magic object, music pouring into my heart
Like rainbow clouds readying for the sun’s brush
My blood has become thick with your love
Pierce my heart, I want to bleed into your mind
So that you know I’m more than your life before

We are learning to be what we want to be
We’re not characters in a movie,
but every time we say farewell
we talk about everything we saw and felt
Like a poppy explaining why it can’t live in a pot

We like to look back sometimes
Talking about the same garden we tended,
how deep the soil was on city streets
It seemed you followed, five minutes behind
But your blooms were always ahead of mine

There’s no time to be something different
Let’s be who we are, I don't want to try too hard
I’m not worried about it, it was me all along
Let’s be explorers of the heart
Tell me what you’re thinking, I want to follow

When the sun touches the horizon
That’s the time we were invented by love
Time is not our concern, only changing colors
We chase echoes and visions of ourselves
Don’t take us yet Lord, this is your dream

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