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Take me (no one else will)


Whenever you wanna go

Take me with you

Let me go with you

'Cause i fall for you

There's just no one here want to listen

If you understand, come to please me

Don't leave me

Just go with me

I am not that far away

So come relieve me

And don't release me

Will you do it for me?

Just take my hand forever

Go in the sea play with me

Footsteps must be seen so don't be weak

Leave some sign, leave some scar

Forever needed to take you down

But no one's gonna come

Never change your mind

Then you need to be find

I count then you will see

How pretty is the sea

With a knife for a pity

With a gun for a sleepy

Bomb for a pretty

You won't see, don't pretend you will be

Don't hide, don't cry they can't take me

I'm in my own city

© 2020 Zzzone

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