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Tacitly Approved #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Miss Deborah Ibiwoye

Miss Deborah Ibiwoye

They make the taken off of the birds to be quicker. Both of them have broken off from

The person they have been in courtship with for insincerity, and infidelity. It was not long

Before their love grows and it was as if they had known each other since their childhood.

They go to the cafeteria together and after office hours are always seen going home

Together. She has stopped taken her car to the office because of him except on occasions

When she discovers that she is already late that is when she comes to the office with her

Car. After office hours they will stroll long into the streets together before each takes

Taxi home. She says she is doing this because she really wishes to know him because many

Would profess to be a thing which they are not. Seems to her as if his sincerity transcends

The other guy she has been involved with, and would not hesitate to start courtship

With him. However before they could conclude on whether they would be together or not,

Her father saw them one day together. The young man on seeing the CEO becomes nervous

Cutting short their been together. As from the he hardly calls her again for fear of her

Father and when she calls she will not answer the call. His friend told him that CEO will

Not marry his own daughter that it is someone else, a man who will marry her that he

Should not hesitate to go ahead with her, for assuming it is him that the lady loves like

That and the CEO has seen with her, he will be glad it means that what would take months

Of planning how to meet with him has been brought closer he says to him. But the accountant

Would not listen to his friend’s counsel. When the lady even pays him a visit in his

Office he hardly welcomes him again. Days after this incident his father talked to his wife

Of what he sees and asks her if she knows about it. The mother replies that she does not

Would You Still Love Me?

Know about it, what she only knows is that recently she has always been happy and she

Has been asking her to tell her what brings her such joy, but she says when the time comes

She will let her know about it. Since she is a grown-up child, I did not push her further for

I know that a person whom a wife is being betrothed to needs not giraffe. The husband

Tells her about the accountant and from what he sees that day he knows they are romantically

Involved. If he will give her, her utmost desire which is joy, then we need to let her go ahead

With it, we need to tell her of our support with this, so that she and the guy will be free,

After all she is not growing any younger and if she has been working in another company

We may not be privy to this until she brings the young man home. It is even better that the

Man is working in our company for we can test him with in some ways as they continued

Their relationship. I have tested him before, though I will still try to, and he has not failed he

Replied her wife, the testimonials he receives from other people are also impressive which

Implies he is also a decent young man. If that is so, then we should give our support to

Her she replied because I know your assessment would not be wrong. They called their

Daughter and asks her about the accountant and she told them that since the day he has

Seen them together he has been afraid to speak with her, avoiding her calls and hardly

Replies her text messages. In the office he will always say he is busy and would not want

To have anything with her for now, she concluded. Oh I am sorry for that. Her parents told

Her that they had discussed about this and have given their nod to their relationship.

She was happy to hear that and embraced them. after leaving her parents room she sends

Message to him that reads, “mother and father have discussed us, and have tacitly approved

Our relationship, we shall talk more tomorrow, I love you richly darling”. On seeing the

Message he called back immediately and they discussed at length telling her he is sorry, for

He has come from a humble background and would not want his record tarnished, even if he

Will leave the company, he wants to leave with a clean record. They talked long into the

Night, and it was as if they should not stop calling each other, for they had missed themselves

Deeply. Then he knows that he has really fallen in love….