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Tacitly Approved #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


This young accountant discovers that the rate at which the people in the computer

Section discharge their duties have changed, they are now faster unlike in the past

Therefore, one day he asks one of the people who work in the computer section of

What has brought about the changes in their department and the young man told

Him that the daughter of the CEO has been wonderful lady who worth her salt, she knows

What she is doing, she is the brain behind the changes in the department. “I see”, the

Man responded and desires to know the lady, for he does not know her since he does

Not work in that department and has been mindful of what he is doing strictly hardly

Interferes in other people’s activities in the company. The man talking with him does not

Know that he does not know the lady and says to him that he thought everyone in the

Company knows the lady. He told him that he does not though he heard that the management

Employed some staff few months back, but he was not keen in following who they were

Because he has nothing to do with that, what concerns him is doing his duty so that the

Company grows and he expects others in other departments to equally carry out their

Tasks to take the company to an enviable height in the society for by doing that, that is

What will equally bring their own joy, increase their remunerations because it is when

The company continues to exist that they will have a job they can call theirs’. The man

Tells him that he will want him to meet with her as soon as possible. As they were on this,

The young lady also surfaces, for they were at the company’s cafeteria eating during

The break hour. The man looks up and said to the young accountant can you see good

Will at work? Because I desire that you know her, and here she comes the lady of the

Moment. On seeing her, he remembers that he has seen her once in the premises

And had exchanged greetings, but he attaches no much importance to her than that.

On the occasion he has admired her, for she is svelte, with straight legs, oval face

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With simple dress. However, he looks forward to seeing her again in the premises

After that day, but they have not been able to come across each other again not until

The moment that this young man was talking to him about her. She is looks more

Radiant than the previous day when he sees her today, the cloth she puts on fits

Her as if she were begotten with it. He was on this thought when the young man

Called her, saying, “you are not a bastard, you are the true daughter of your parents”

That is how the people of the island used to say when they are talking about a

Person and the person appears it is their believe that the person is not a bastard. The

Young lady smiled and said what could be the matter you are discussing with your

Friend as she greets the young accountant and stands beside the man working in her

Department. Do you plan to buy me launch today she teasingly asked from him and the

Man laughed. Do not say that here oh, it is me who should ask you for extra here today

Or that I should take back my ticket and use it tomorrow. They all laughed, well if

You want to, then I will pay for what you have taken she replied him as they all laughed

Then the accountant would say, you cannot buy for my friend alone, you will do the same

For me here today, else that would be partiality. Well, I love what you say, partiality

I have to be partial because he is my department man, and I do not know you, you can

Also ask people of your department she replies. While they were chatting like this, she

Asks if she can sit beside them and they reply that she is welcome, that was how she

Sat with them and they were discussing as the waitress attends to them. Before the break

Hour be over they knew why she hardly visits the cafeteria of the company for she says

The first time she comes she did not enjoy the place, not that the food was bad but

She has no companion and as from then she hardly visits the place and would give

Her meal ticket to anyone in the department as she brings some foods from home.

She was about to give the ticket out that day too, but she remembers that she did

Not come along with drinking water that day, and that was what she wants to get at

The cafeteria that she meets with them. She hope to know the accountant more by

The time they finished from the place. The man and the accountant after leaving

The cafeteria chatted on the social media and the accountant told him that he did not

Know that she is such an enterprising lady like that and would like to know her more.

Since you have gotten her phone number the door has been opened for you, he replied

His friend. That was how the accountant and the daughter of the CEO continues their

Acquaintance. Their case is like birds that want to fly and small children are throwing at.