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Tacitly Approved #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is the chief executive officer of his company and after her daughter finishes her

Degree in computer science from the institution she was employed into the company,

Instead of her to be roaming about the streets like many other graduates who could

Not secure employment. She has been working in the office for about six months

Having been separated from her spouse because she caught him cheating on him. She

However wants to give the love another chance, but the man she was involved with

Was not a repentant type as she has on three other occasions caught him doing the

Same. She decides that “enough is enough”, she cannot continue to waster her time

On a man who would not yield to correction for he does not see anything wrong in what

He is doing because his father also had five wives and many other woman friends

Before he died, now when this gullible lady started telling him how he should be

Living his life, he cannot just fathom what she was saying and had told her that if

She cannot abide by his way of living it is better she finds her way now, for he won’t

Kowtow to her, neither change his living style. The lass on seeing that she is yet to enter

The river and the crocodile has been pulling her legs according to the proverbs of their land

Decided to retrace her step from the relationship, for it is better to be separated during

Courtship than having troubles after they had been married. The scar people used to say

Will forever be there, as some of those who have experienced marital troubles that she

Knows become terrible women in the society passing their aggressions on different people

She will not want hers’ to be like that, for she has been brought up in a home that fears God

By monogamy parent. In fact according to people who are close to her family, it is because

Her father has not taken another wife that is why they are peacefully living and the

Business of the man is thriving, for those who have been married to more than one woman

Among the siblings of her parents, their businesses have collapsed despite inheriting

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Millions of dollars from their parents, her grandfather, and other assets. The people

Who analyzed their fall from grace to grace say it is because they married more than one

Woman. “One woman one trouble” so goes the saying, “two women or wives, triple troubles”

Or even more as the people used to say, and when one marries three or more wives the

Troubles would be in geometric progressions, with only the Supreme knowing what would

Be the ratio to work with. She remembers all of these and disengaged herself from the man

Waiting patiently for the right man, widening her tentacles and extending her antenna.

It has been six months back that she joined the services of the company of her father and

People she has been working with are really enjoying her, she seems to know what she is

Doing not a wishy-washy child of a rich man like some other children of the rich men

In the society. Soon enough her story gets to a young man who started working in her

Father’s company about 18 months ahead of her. He finished accountancy in the

Institution and his resume attracts her father who after questioning decides to

Employ him on a trial basis for six months, for there be many who would have intimidating

Resume but who would not be able to defend the grades on his papers. Before the trial

Period of six month, he has been confirmed because he proved himself to the

Management and they could not afford to toy with his services. Since he has also been

In the services things have changed in the account section of the company and many

Other companies outside are seeking for means of grabbing the young man from

The company, because his work has made positive impacts on the gain margin of the

Company. He would have also left for other companies because of the offers, but other

Remunerations apart from the salary that is inviting were not in those companies,

Apart from that there are some people there who he had known before which he does

Not like to work with, thence he stays back at her father’s company working there.


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