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Twisted Energy

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.




Holy Energy ~ Evil Energy ~ Love Energy ~ Hate Energy

Those Energies Also Cause Turmoil In The Body,

Mind, Heart, And Spirit.

And Your Body, Mind, Heart, And Spirit Will

Be Out Of Alignment And Will Not Be

In Rhythm With Each Other.

It Will Cause Chaotic Drum Beats.


Give Energy ~ Abuse Energy ~ Happy Energy ~ Sad Energy

Truthful Energy ~ Lying Energy ~ Deception Energy ~ Hope Energy

Hold Energy ~ Push Energy ~ Enter Energy ~ Remove Energy

Admire Energy ~ Envious Energy ~Joke Energy ~ Cynical Energy

Grateful Energy ~ Ungrateful Energy ~ Trauma Energy ~ Rape Energy

Business Energy ~ Scam Energy ~ Marry Energy ~ Divorce Energy

Praying Energy ~ Cursing Energy ~ Birth Energy ~ Abortion Energy

Want Energy ~ Manipulation Energy ~ God Energy ~ Satan Energy

Angel Energy ~ Demon Energy ~ Priest Energy ~ Black Magic Energy

Laugh Energy ~ Cry Energy ~ Holy Trinity Energy ~ Occult Energy

Theft Energy ~ Victim Energy

If We Pull Toward Negative Energy Than

Our Personalities Becomes More Like The

Puppet Master With Narcissistic Characters

Whom Become Proud Only Of Their World Achievements

With Ignorance As The Primary Illness Of The Heart.

'The Heart Does Not Remember God'

It Can Be Similar To Darkness So Thick That

You Can Grab It With Your Hands

We Will Make Our Center Core More Of

Negative Energy.

How Many Times A Day

Do We Have Contradiction Thinking?

How Many Times A Day

Do We Have Contradiction Actions?

Those Energies Get Embedded In Our Memory.

You Can Change It To Positive Energy

If You Truly Want To Change And Use

Your Energy Actions And Thoughts And

Place It Into The Efforts Into Training

And Being Persistent And Self Disciplined.

Yes Than You Can Align Mind, Body, Spirit

And Heart

To The Center Of Your Entire Essence.

In Which Is Where God Is

Than Once You Accomplish The Task Of

Positive Energy Boot Camp ,

You Then Will See God Every Where ~ ~ ~


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