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Trayvon Martin:The Outcome

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...



We saw these type of Outcome with Rodney king, saw it with Eleanor Bumpkins, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, __________,___________,________ and now Trayvon Martin.

Charges of murder would be trickled down to a confrontation between opposing forces where in the minds of those who cater to apathy, “The Good Guy Won”.

Justice would once again will be diverted and the guilty of an obvious crime, would gets a free pass and some extra cash...

New and bogus evidence against the victim will be shown and justice will be once again thrown off its throne and sent into hiding.

The truly concerned public will openly and vocally express their anger and disbelief with threats to disturb the peace again...

Blood money will be tossed to distract the family and justice will be persuaded to get lost.

The Media, the Newspapers and other means of communication will once again be given new headlines to focus on...

Get ready to be angry, get ready to show disbelief for Another Outcome will not be in favor of those who seek and should have justice….

When the Well of Injustice runs dry, hopefully racism will die and justice will return for all people and families who have been denied.

Every clear cut case that has been erased should be readdress, so that the souls of victims can finally have rest...

© 2013 Malik S Canty

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