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Your Secrets Revealed

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...

Those Secrets

My love for you is true,
This secret revealed to you,

How many faces do I see now,
Why does every face seem like you...

Describe the beauty of the eyes
Wherever it meets them,

The one who is my friend,

Why meet my enemies...

Where did this love go?
Everything here makes no sense...

I go to their place every day,
And return every day with a new secret...

Oh, Lord! Make them understand,

They are the ones for whom I am alive,

They are the desire,

Oh my Lord, let them know how I feel,

Why I breathe! Why I breathe,

Let them know who is the one I need!

How they can be so harsh,

My Lord! Let them know my love was always true...

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh