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A Letter to My Lover



Wish me well

From where you dwell

Hope y ou’re well?

If you’re then I’m well

So stay well and make me well

I don’t rest

Well, it might be stress

To tell you the rest

But I promise, you’re the best

And there’s no rest

I drink only tears

I dream only fears

You’re the only name my mind hears

And the only pain it bears

What pains do you bear?


I see everyday

Beautiful ladies

I see them wag

My eyes see everything

But my heart sees only you

They toss round about me

Like cooling evening breeze

They flutter around me

Like a shade against the scotching sun

They push me

They give me drinks

From different potions

They get me intoxicated

They pull me to their zone

They set me tables and feed me fine

They follow me

Like thunder follows lightning

They push me to the fall

But I don’t fall

Twice in love

They are beautiful

Pretty little demons

That are there to pull

My heart to the dust

They’ve failed woefully

I see throngs of thorns

Surrounding my eyes

Just as the throng of guns

Pointed at you—

I mean the suitors

They are the hunters

Remember they’re never

Satisfied with one kill

They keep killing

They keep hunting

You’re not the only prey

You’re one of preys

Pray you don’t fall a prey

A prey to the hunters’ bullet

Pulled loose against us

Just know that I’m off to work

Just for us

I want to rock

Just for us

I want to be boss

For us

For us I take the slap

I take the sacks

I take canes

I take—


I break rules

I break loose

I swim rivers

I climb scrapers

I break mountains

For us—I level them

I’m off to work

Off to hustle

Off to struggle

To make us a home

A free home

So… My Love

Wish me well

From where you dwell

Hope you’re well?

If you are then I’m well

So stay well and make me well

I’ll be with you shortly!

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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