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The Waiting Princess : Poem - on being one’s own friend ....

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences



The messenger of dawn galloped by

On his winged horse across the sky,

Whispering to the sleeping lives –

“The Sun is about to arrive.”

Dew was sprinkled by the trees,

I was stirred up by wet breeze.

Slowly, I spread my wings

And came out of my new dwelling.

The Eastern dark curtain was lifted

And, in, the golden sun rays drifted,

Asking the lotus buds to arise,

Who, with trembling freshness, opened their eyes.

With the passage of night’s shadow,

From my throat, music began to flow

In praise of the glorious way

With which Nature welcomes a new day.

Suddenly, a sweet voice came along !

Oh !! I forgot my song !

In its direction, I flew;

As I went closer, sweeter it grew.

“Who’s singing ?”, I asked curiously

To the huge, old banyan tree.

He said, “You are a new-comer, I guess,

For, you don’t know the Little Princess.”

Through the leafy curtain I glanced

At the graceful way the Beauty danced.

“Ah ! Here comes a beautiful morning !

Come, oh birds ! with me, you sing !

“For, my friend will come today,

With whom I’ll dance and play.

She’ll come from a distance, quite long.

Greet her with a warm refreshing song.

“I’ve waited for her, day after day.

The brightness, today, makes me feel gay.

My heart is filled with happiness, unknown.

I shall no more be alone .......”

Enchanted by her enthralling grace,

The wind decreased her pace.

The trees waved, with the slow cadence

And the flowers spread wonderful incense.

She sang, awaiting her companion,

The dusk came, she knew not when.

Gradually, her voice became faint.

Clouded with despair, she went.

At dawn, lost hope, she found.

Again, I heard her sound.

Everyday, the same thing happened,

But, never came her awaited friend.

Till winter, there, I stayed.

Everyday, for her, I prayed.

Then, her icy hands, cold began to lay

And I had to go away.

Often, I thought of her,

And went to her woods, next summer,

Wishing, now, when I see,

A happier person she will be.

Again, her melodious voice, I heard.

But, the words she sang, totally differed,

“A new day has arrived

And a new light derived.

“The flowers, birds, trees and the sky –

Are all unchanged, but not I.

I welcome the awakening of a new person within

Who makes me perceive the scene,

“In a broader and a wiser manner.

Of loneliness, I no more murmur.

I don’t crave for anyone at my sides

For, I’ve found a friend, within myself who hides.”

- Vanita Thakkar. (17.05.1989)


© 2020 Vanita Thakkar