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The Vistors (They Came at Night)

I'm a student and a thinker, I love writing on topics I'm passionate about. I write stories and novels also for suitable age groups.


The Visitors
Lost in the ecstasy of my sleep
Cuddled around my bed, head deep
All my sorrows at that moment forgotten
As i slept peacefully like a baby

The sudden loud sound I heard pulled me up,
Adrenaline surge suddenly filled my blood.
I went from sleeping to being alert in
one second
All my six senses suddenly turned on

I listened carefully trying to pick up anything
But mother nature at that moment was very still
I tried my best to get a grip of my breathing
But unsuccessfully, I panted in irregular rhythm

Then I heard that same sound again
This time very clear, only metres away
Impulses travelled through my spine like I had just been hit by a crane
And as I realized what the sound was, I began to pray

I heard a different sound outside,
Two hefty feet hitting the ground
I realized that they were now in the compound
And I prayed that they'd at least leave me with my life

I was all alone in the apartment right now
Something I was very happy with last night
I was going to sleep at last with no disturbance
But now, I wished that time could just go back

Finally, a knock came on the door, "knock knock"
But I stood on my spot as if I was deaf and dumb
Sweats running down the whole length of my body nonstop
As all the metabolic activity in my body came to a pause

"We know you're in there" a deep thick voice muttered
Its intensity unlocking my urinary sphincter
I wasn't even conscious of my draining bladder
My gaze was placed on what was about to play out

I finally got the courage to make a move
Then I realized that I had been standing in a pool
I stared at the mess I had made of my room
And as I opened the door, I realized that I was doomed

I took a step backwards as the door opened on its own
Something about this experience made me think of Glo
The way that network could be so slow sometimes was so annoying
And at that moment my mind went to my phone

Two men walked in slowly as I took my phone and pocketed it
They turned and stared at me familiarly
Their eyes fell on the pool in front of me
And they bursted into laughter consequently

"So while we were outside thinking you were calling the cops
You were standing in here wetting the floor
This is going to be a very interesting tour"
He came close to me and stared at my shorts

His voice sounded so familiar
The way he moved towards me was so unusual
I only knew one person that walked with this swag
My voice deepened as I muttered "Dexter?"

The culprit both bursted into another round of laughter
This time, they did so taking their mask out
I stood confused as when I saw my best friend and my little brother
And then I realized that I had just been badly pranked!

"We are the visitors man,
Happy birthday", they said.

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