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The Tree in Front of My Window

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.



In The Morning I

Pull Up My Blinds.

The Morning Sun Light

Seems To Glitter

Across The

Tree Branches.

It Is Gods Breath

Kissing The

Morning Sun.

In Front Of My

One Bedroom

Apartment Building

That Faces A Cement Parking Lot .

There Is One Tree And

It Is The Only Tree

That Is In Front Of This

Apartment Building

Which Is The Located

At The Entrance Onto

This Small Apartment


It Is A Small Full Tree And When

In Full Bloom, The Flowered

Branched Reaches 7 Feet Tall.

I Have Always Noticed The Tree

But Was Never Grateful For It

Until A Next Door Neighbor

Said To Me,

"What A Beautiful Tree.

I Wish I Had A Tree In Front

Of My Window."

My First Thought Was,

I Was Sad For Her.

And I Thought I

Wish I Could

Share It With Her..

She Didn't Have A

Tree Or Any Bushes

Facing Her Window.

All She Had Was Cars

Parked In Front Her Window.

When She Raised Her Blinds

To Welcome A Brand New Day.

Her View Was Car

Bumpers And Tires

The Front Of Cars.

She Most Likely

Could Memorize The

License Plates Of Cars.

We Both Lived

On The First Floor.

In My Front Window

Stood A Flowered Tree.

Cars Could Not Park

By My Window.

Parking Was Not Allowed.

Also When She Made

The Remark About My Tree

I Also Thought With A Warm Feeling,

"I Can't Give You My Tree But

I Can Share My Love With You."

Ever Since Then We Have

Been Friends."

Many Times In Life

We Forget And

Don't See

The Simple Beauty

God Gives To Us.

And In Life

We Take For Granted

The Beauty Of God.

Now The Tree To Me

Represents Gods

Love For Me.

God Reminds Us

Of Him Every Day.

When I Wake Up

Every Day

And I Raise My

Window Blinds

I Wake Up To God

First Thing Every Day.

There Are Sunny Bright Days

That Images Of Tree Branches

Skip Across My Walls Playfully.

And The Dancing Branches

Does Make Me Smile.

I Am So Grateful

Now For My

Flowered Tree

That I Even Gave

My Tree A Name.

I Call It My

Holy Tree.

And I Named It

"Gods Love."

It Represents To Me

The Tree Of Life.

Yesterday Is Gone

Full Of Memories

Tomorrow Isn't Here.

Today Is A New Day

Never Give Up Hope

On Now.

Because It Is A

New Day That

God Gives To Us.

Every Morning When

I Awake And Open

My Blinds,

I Always Say,

"Good Morning God,

Good Morning Tree."


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