The Reality of Working

Updated on April 6, 2018
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The author is a Registered Nurse, Teacher II in English and has worked as an Operations Manager in a BPO company for 7 years.

Life of a Regular Employee


Living pay check to pay check

Not ideal life

For me or anyone else

Single or bread winner

Male of female

Young or old

Any race and skin color


In a third world country

Education cannot dictate how much you will get

You can be a teacher

And yet, your salary is not enough

Your rate will depend on what the government mandates

You can have a diploma in a college or university

The struggle is the same as the people with a lower educational background.


In more progressive countries

Education is not a limitation

One can work labour jobs

Menial jobs as others categorize them

No one complains

Salary is equal or higher even to one’s effort

It is unfair but the reality of life is there.


Filipinos resort to going abroad

Losing hope that the system will change

Being practical prevails

More than being sentimental

It is not easy to live with people you do not know

Learn a culture and ways of living far from where you grew up

Accept that in 365 days or more, you will be away from family and home.


People resort to this system because they need to

Can you blame them?

If a father wants to provide better

If a mother aims to help her husband and kids

If a single man/woman wishes to explore opportunities

To each, his own

We do what we can one day at a time.


I pray that one day

The situation will change

Humans evolved throughout time

A country can also undergo evolution

It cannot happen overnight

May take years and years

We have failed a lot of times and still I hold on to that hope.


I pray that my hope will ignite

That the heat would remain

That the light will be eternal

I cannot do it alone

We cannot do it on our own

If we can, by now we should have solved the problem

Keep the faith that our creator will remain loving us despite our so many imperfections.


It is normal to grow weary

Sometimes we doubt our faith and hope

Often, we blame ourselves or others for believing

We should not resort to negativity

It will not resolve our struggles

Instead, making our load heavier

Pushing us to give up

Case unclosed

Keep believing

Keep the faith in God’s perfect timing

Keep the positivity flowing

The way you see things can save your spirit.

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    © 2018 Ronadel Razon


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      • Ronadel Razon profile imageAUTHOR

        Ronadel Razon 

        12 months ago from Philippines

        Eric, most of the time you have to accept the need to change so you and your family can survive.

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 

        12 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        Very interesting take on this issue. Necessity sure can motivate us no matter the difficulties.


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