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THE QUEST : Some Thoughtlets, Thought Waves ....

Vanita Thakkar is an Entrepreneur - an Engineer-Researcher-Consultant and an Artist - Singer-Composer-Poetess-Writer from Vadodara, Gujarat.


The Quest ....

Whatever I see of you in you

Is but an image of myself,

Because even though my eyes look outwards,

I am continuously searching myself all round.

Short-comings of the other person

As seen by me –

They may be my beliefs

Or may be a proof of my short-sightedness.

How to know that

Someone is proud, jealous .... ?

It may be our doubt.

What is the need of judging others ?

Why bother about others’ short-comings ?

From all that I have seen of myself and others,

Judgments have more to do with the person who judges

Than with the person who is being judged.

Sometimes, the shortcomings or drawbacks

Which we think others have

Are the reflections of

Our own drawbacks in them.

So, whenever, one feels that

The other person lacks so and so,

Instead of worrying about that person,

One should check one’s own self first.

- Vanita Thakkar (04-06-1991 - from my old diary)


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