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The Poet - a Poem by Corina Junghiatu Romania


Shadows of thoughts burn under my temples

from the harmony of the eternal realms;

in a word, I encompass the whole world

writing about fate, about heaven,

about hatred and the miracle of forgiveness,

about the symmetry of two souls jointly,

about mayfly that dies,

about the mirage of the hug,

about the chimeras of creation,

about the great empire of tears.

I write over the slumber of the world,

shaping wisdom that leaves behind

deep ribs on the forehead.

I have no price, no name, no color,

surrounded by indifference

I squeeze my heart out of emotions,

I pluck it and bury it in lilies,

I pull it out and divide it into waves,

for the poet's heart belongs to all

and yet to no one.


© 2021 Corina Junghiatu

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