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'The Love in Oblivion'

I am passionate about writing articles, stories and poems. Poem, is my special area of interest .I emphasize on the rhythm in my verses.

'O' dark cloud! Please take away my pain,
bestow your shower, let me wet in your rain,
Thy Love o God, may it drench my heart,
'am blessed with your shower, till I'm on the earth.

Hey my world, I had so much of love for thee,
drowned all, I had, many fathoms under the sea,
'O' my earth! have your kisses on my lip,
Never shed tears when I embark on my ship.

The birds flew chirping across far from the East,
Fluttered their wings in the mystery of the mist,
The sky in the shoreline had dusky twilight eve,
embraced on my feet and asked not to leave.

Could ya now hear the bell, rang on the deck?
The rope turned harsh and round in my neck,
Bid Adieu to my earth, to your eyes and smile,
One unknown love yet left, in ever dark Exile.



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