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Richard is the author of "It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later; A Collection of Inspirational Parables.


These Things I Wish for You

Paul Harvey was a famous American broadcaster who in one of his popular Rest of the Story radio segments entitled “These Things I Wish For You” said; “It would be good if at least one time you can see puppies born and your old dog put to sleep.”

I think as a dog owner it would also be good to remember all the things in between.

We had a dog named Bandit and although I never saw him born I loved him from the moment we first met and gave me lots to remember.

He was a rescue dog who had been given up on before and had developed separation anxiety, which resulted in him constantly barking especially when we would leave and even when we arrived home. It took us a while, but I believe this was because he was so sad to see us leave and very happy to see us return.

Bandit was a member of our family for seventeen short years and we were there to witness his last breath, and as my mind filled with memories of his life. They also marked the passage of time.

I originally wrote the following parable to cope with my own grief. I pray it does the same for anyone suffering the loss of their best friend. So, here is the rest of the story and things I wish for you.

It Would Be Good

It would be good to remember when we first met.
As what began a friendship was more than; I’d get.
For nothing can compare to the love of a pet.

It would be good to recall;

The many times you’d bark.
Not only when leaving, but when I returned.
It will help remind me what I have learned.

It would be good to treasure;

All the times we’d go for a walk.
And your waiting by the door trying to talk.

It would be good to cherish;

How you followed me around and often stared.
When I didn’t even realize you were there.
It will serve as a memory of how much you cared.

It would be good to reflect;

On the blue haze in your eyes as we said our goodbyes.
And your inability to hear; I’ll never forget.
As it was not my only regret.

It would be good to know as sad as I was; you were too.
So, I will think of you and the times you’d look for me.
Until, I cross over the rainbow bridge. As we all do.

Where it would be good being found. By you.

—Richard Lawrence Belford


“What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love becomes a part of us.” ~ Helen Keller ~


"Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are."


© 2022 Richard Lawrence Belford

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