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The Living Memories

At 7:30 on a cloudy morning when you said goodbye

It’s time for you to go because the Airplane is ready to fly

You hug and kiss me, then you smile

I do the same, and I’m cry

I said, when you arrive at your destination,

Please give me a call

I am missed you for sure

Without you my smile no more

I’m hurt when I’m watching you,

Going to the airplane

Carrying your baggage, excited and sorrows mixed

Because it’s time for you to go

A minute, the airplane is flying

Slowly, until the airplane reached above the sky

Until such time, I can’t see it

Because the airplane is flying In the highest

I decided to go home

While at home I started to recall

Thinking the past,

That your courtship for me are too long

I did not expect to hurt you

I turned you down when you said I loved you

I can’t force myself

Because during the time I thought you are only a friend

I don’t mind your real feelings

Only I know you are only my friend

Now I realized, and I proved myself

In my heart, I love you more than a friend

I remember every time I saw the flowers

You were planted it in my surroundings

Growing healthy because I take good care

Like what you had done when you were here

It’s true of what the saying

“You will value one thing

If someday it will loss

And you will not see it once again.”

The time and location

It reminds me of your emotion

Every time I saw the flowers

The flowers like your living memories


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