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The Innocent Girl

Pir Mudasir is poet from Kashmir. He has a great love for literature, poetry especially.


Oh! Life goes by.... in the blink of an eye

I wana wait an eternity for you

For you i will always wait

My heart yearns to be liberated

And oh! Wanders away....towards you

With every beat of your heart my life moves along

It may be wrong but I am prepared to fight

Together now is the reality cause it feels so right

You will see my love will never fade

With the time may be my insanity will fade

But you and I will always be one

As it is the heart broken voice not fun

What should I call this

As i am loosing control over the heart and can't control oneself

And so it began...but my heart paid no heed

And so it reached ahad

Utterly lost...and am i...

Oh! Life goes by in the blink of an eye

So live every movement to the fullest

Coz this movement might not be there tomorrow


© 2018 Pir Mudasir

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