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The Coldness Heart


The love of his wife fades away when the time past. His wife need a distance between him

Before, you're so hot like the sun of summer

But now you are too cold like the time of winter

Your hug that wrapped around my arms

Your sweet kisses from your lips that I missed

I can't see the sunshine in my eyes

Only I can see the darkness of the night

I didn't appreciate the beauty of the stars

The moon that gives the light at night

I feel the cold air hit in my skin

The sound of the night birds singing

Slowly, the tears drop down in my eyes fallen

I realize, I am crying at the silent of the night

Yes, I always feel the way

Since your love is fade away

I am willing to wait, until your love come back

At that moment we will share our love once again

All my surroundings become darkness

All I feel is loneliness, I cannot see the beauty of the surroundings

I am not blind, but I didn't see anything

Since your love disappear

If your heart still coldness

I am felt lifeless

Looking your real love like before

The jolly and lovely is not in you anymore

Today you are so cold like an ice

Never melt in my hottest feelings

Your are not feel the same

It seems like we are not compatible with each other

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