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The Birth of a Seed

Pain is not a killer but a beginning of something great

I am a seed planted in the cradle of the warm earth

I am nurtured even by the water flowing inside the earth’s womb

I am unable to see anything yet, just darkness…

But I am able to feel the movement around me.

Cold, warm

Small, big

Smooth, prickly

Dry, wet

I am ONE with the world outside my shell

I want to see what is out there




The fire inside my heart is aching… burning

And soon, I felt my body ache

I felt the throb and piercing

The pain was so intense that I cried nonstop

What is happening to me?

Have I done something to deserve this major discomfort?

I prayed to my maker…

But the pain did not subside

It did not STOP

It grew more intense

Too painful for me to bear

This is my end.

Soon, I felt the warm comfort

My eyes opened

Unraveled what the darkness deprived me of

My skin shivered because of the cold breeze

Lights and lots of colors bewildered me

So this is the world outside my shell…

All elements are blended in one magnificent CHEMISTRY.

A masterpiece in all its obvious and hidden glory

Then I realized that pain is not a killer

Pain can start and open doors

Beginning of a new journey


© 2018 Ronadel Razon