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The Beauty of Our Blackness

Jo Anne is a gifted encourager and the author of On Solid Ground: Inspirational Poetry For All Occasions and Relationship Seasons of Love.


The Beauty of our Blackness
Is unique, splendid, divine.

We are diverse and multicultural,
We come with varied skin tones,
Personalities, and size.

Our history embodies greatness,
Filled with impactful legends in every field.
We are resilient, creative, more than conquerors,
Whose spirits and strength will never yield.

The Beauty of our Blackness
Is embedded in our DNA.

We are empowered to overcome
Systemic injustices,
We endure, persevere, and are here to stay.

I Am, You Are, We Are Black and Beautiful,
A royal, chosen people, wonderfully made,
In the image and likeness of our God,
Who shed His blood so our sin debt
Would be paid.

The Beauty of our Blackness
Is an inheritance and magical.
It’s included in God’s plan for us to prosper
With a hope and a future that’s successful.

Go forth in excellence my Beautiful Black People,
Knowing, we can do all things through Christ!
There is no good thing He’ll withhold from us
When we seek Him first, walk uprightly, and always strive.

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U

Black Is Beautiful

© 2022 Jo Anne Meekins

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