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The Apocalypse

They rested in each other's arms

Despite the thunder as end charms

The horizon to break the seals

Of beasts from hell and evil wills

He never let go of her hand

As the white horse conquered the land

And it did spread the pestilence

That none could ran from in miles hence

He kissed her lips and she kissed his

As the red horse took the world peace

Their passion couldn't be put to words

In the midst of the fighting swords

To the end, touched each other's skin

As the black horse unleashed famine

Wheat and wine could not be attained

But their affection still remained

The ashen horse did come as death

To kill and kill, none can forget

How unbreakable they did have

Broken were seals, never the love

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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