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"Tears Have Run Dry"

Dianne is a newborn adult who wants to discover herself more and to make a little movement to go out of her comfort. - an unknown human-

Drown Happiness

16th of April

“Tears have run Dry”


I have nothing to say but,

I heard whispers

I have nothing to think but,

I got overthinking

It was dark since Monday

A bit cold and hot

Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy

A usual day for lonely

I run again – I thought.

Did I escape? Did I make it?

I thought I’m tired

But turns out to be scared

Yeah, I am so scared

Though I have nothing to lose

I’m falling

I’m drowned

I am strong – I know.

Or maybe I just guess because I never did

How to be strong?

© 2022 Dianne Manzano