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A Poem about Tabacco and Alcohol Taxes.

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Taxes grind me to the ground,
no relief have I found,
tobacco keeps me in poverty,
I cry for sweet liberty.

They say it's for our health,
they just increase their wealth,
this price, I've had enough,
I don't want to give it up.

It's like coping a fine,
not drinking wine,
drinking isn't much fun anymore,
I guess they just tax the poor.


Tobacco taxes

When I first started smoking tobacco a pack of 20's cost 20 cents, how things have changed. But this is to be expected, government has butchered the lives of the poor since Satan invented it. I have given up smoking several times, often for years, but I have always gone back to it, I always missed my smokes. Once you've had a smoke it's in the back of your mind forever. Recently the price of rolling tobacco increased by 17.5% in one hit. The government raises the taxes on tobacco by 6% every six months usually. They claim that they want us to give it up or pay for the health costs caused by tobacco-related diseases since when has government needed an excuse to tax the poor. Upping the price is just going to force people to smoke sub-standard more dangerous tobacco obtainable on the black market. This attempt- as they claim - to force us to give it up will be as successful as the war on drugs, that is not at all. All these bleeding hearts that have forced the Nanny state on us are just sadists, they aren' happy people and they want to share this with the World.

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